How Can I Get More Diamonds on Covet Fashion?

You may earn diamonds by completing free offers on Covet Fashion in addition to purchasing them. In the Premium Store, there is an Earn tab that will show you how to earn diamonds. Completing free offers is the most common method to earn diamonds (like downloading an app and running it, or taking a survey). 30.12.2021

You might also be thinking, How do you level up fast in covet fashion?

Purchase items. You can level up quicker by purchasing Fashion Packs and/or Covet diamond packs from the Covet Store if you can and want to spend real money on products. Fashion packs are available for each Flashback challenge and as Fashion Essentials packs at the start of each new Season.

But then this question also arises, How do you get good looking on covet fashion?

– FIRST TIP: DON’T CARE ABOUT THE RULES. – TAKE THE JET SET CHALLENGES MORE THAN ONCE. – TIP #3: Participate in the Series Challenges! – HINT #4: The more inventive you are, the better. – SUGGESTION #5: Work for a Fashion House. – HINT #6: Get Free Diamonds – TIP #7: Make Your Look Stand Out Against the Background. – TIP #8: Colors Are Important.

How many jet sets are in covet?

Players will immediately discover that, although being around 15 points apart, certain sites need a higher “jump” in Travel Score than others, with the final place requiring the greatest “jump.” There are now 22 Jet Set locations in the United States.

How often does covet release a new level?

You will reach greater closet levels as you purchase more goods. You will be rewarded with hair and cosmetics as you progress through the closet levels. The current highest level in the game is level 101, although a new level is released every month.

Related Questions and Answers

How much money does covet fashion make?

Meanwhile, Covet Fashion experienced record bookings for the second quarter in a row, totaling $17.7 million; in the six years since its start, Covet Fashion has earned $276.7 million in sales. 07.02.2020

Does covet fashion cost money?

Although Covet Fashion is a free-to-play game, it does provide the option of buying in-app things with real money, as do many other applications in the App Store. 05.04.2022

Who is the owner of Covet Fashion?

Jeff Tseng, the CEO of CrowdStar, is looking better these days. That isn’t by chance. His company’s game, Covet Fashion, a fashion-themed title for ladies, is all about altering people’s life for the better. In mid-2013, CrowdStar released Covet Fashion, a game with gorgeous, realistic graphics.26.02.2015

What does reset unworn mean on covet?

You may use the clothing as new to help raise your unworn bonus by resetting the Unworn bonus. When you use the reset unworn option, the Unworn Bonus for a garment is reset to the monetary worth of the item.

What are dual season challenges in covet fashion?

The challenges of the Dual Season do not have a common theme. Instead, all of the tasks in these Series are standard, limited-time challenges, with the exception that the Season Bonus for these Series challenges applies to both current and forthcoming Season goods.

How often does TapJoy get new offers?

TapJoy also conducts 2x rewards offers on occasion, where you may receive twice as much premium cash for completing deals. Always keep an eye out for weekend or holiday promotions! 01.05.2021


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